Daniell Krawczyk

Daniell Krawczyk

Founder Municipal Captioning Inc

Daniell Krawczyk is a 20-year, Public Access NERD, with PEG time served at Grand Rapids, MI and Lowell, MA, and over a decade working at PEG-focused companies: PSG/TelVue, LiveU, and Tightrope. Four years ago he saw the need for unbiased help comparing all of the captioning options that cities might need to solve accessibility requirements and he founded Municipal Captioning Inc as a specialty consulting and integration firm which quotes every available commercial solution, human and AI. Like a multibrand car showroom which has everything from luxury cars brands to economy car brands, we can let you test drive and compare all of the price points and provide discounted pricing for all configurations (24/7 to Pay by the Hour). In addition to focusing on helping cities and counties with captioning, Daniell is spending 2021 celebrating the 50th birthday of Public Access TV (1971-2021).

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May 24, Virtual Main Stage

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