Cyd Katz

Cyd Katz

Founder/CEO New Jersey Isn't Boring

Founded by Cyd Katz in 2014 as a resource of things to do in New Jersey year-round, New Jersey Isn‘t Boring quickly grew to the quintessential online hub for all things New Jersey. With a combined knowledge of visual media and social media, she has grown her social media platform organically. NJIB engages its fans and followers on a daily basis with blog posts, photos, and videos that explore the arts, culture, food, history, and hidden gems of New Jersey.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Social Media Marketing Beyond Facebook

Facebook isn't the only social media platform out there, in fact your audience might be waiting for you in a different platform. Join our panel of social media experts to discuss Twitter, Instagram, TicTok and more. In other words, find the social media that is waiting for your content.